We also feel at home in vehicle and driver cabins.

31.05.2016: Those who immediately think of modern architecture and sophisticated glass facades when they hear the name Flachglas Nord-Ost are not wrong – but they don’t know our...more

We are good at finding fresh air!

30.04.2016: The main station for young people: trainee days, Girls’ Day and trial work placements. Flachglas Nord-Ost does a great deal to recruit new employees.more

Dinosaurs love glass from Osterburg.

21.12.2015: He is one of the world’s best-preserved predatory dinosaurs. He has been in Berlin since December 2015, basks in the awe of thousands of people – and is not afraid of...more

Vertical is the new better.

12.11.2015: Admittedly, it sounds a bit like being at the hairdresser’s: seaming, grinding and polishing. However, it is actually a milestone in regard to efficiency for standard...more