The technology:
All processing steps from one source.

With One Process we assume full responsibility for the sensitive processing process and if desired, will deliver you the finished glass composite showing your company marking in the spacer. 

1. The cut.

 We are able to cut coated float glass without damaging the coated edges. Our modern, computer-aided cutting line guarantees you precisely tailored results and an efficient glass yield.

  • Tape measure of 6 x 3.21 metres
  • Quick and economic method of operation
  • Grinding, drilling and edge processing with guaranteed protection of the coating

2. The tempering.

Highest technical reliability together with our diligence and perfection ensure precise results during the thermal tempering process. With the optimized technology One Process specifications, colours and reflective properties of the coating are retained.

  •  Processing of safety glass units up to 5.40 m x 2.58 m
  • Adjustment to any glass type and glass thickness
  • All coating properties are fully retained

3. The Heat-Soak-Test.

After completion of the production process and at customers’ option, the coated safety glass goes through the required heat-soak-test in accordance with EN 14179. Only glass panes with a positive test result leave our plant. Both the oven and the measuring method have been checked and certified by an independent institute.

  • Online-aided heat soak oven of the latest generation
  • Processing of dimensions up to 6.0 m x 2.6 m
  • Certified production of coated TSG-H glass

4. The delivery.

Once the toughened safety glass has been processed, we can produce the multiple-pane insulation glass ready for assembly and deliver you the finished glass composite showing your company marking in the spacer.

  • From complete processing to delivery of the finished products
  • Just-in-time delivery at your desired date
  • Multifunctional solutions for facades and windows, single components or complete glass constructions

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