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Responsible handling of your personal data is of our utmost concern. We feel constrained to keep and to protect your privacy. Therefore, we operate our web activities in accordance with the actually valid rules for data protection and data security. Nevertheless, the Flachglas Nord-Ost websites may show links to other websites that are not subject to this data protection statement.

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Without your consent we will not collect any personal data through our websites. It is exclusively up to you whether you want to give us your data in order, for example, to contact you or not. In case you decide to disclose personal data, like names, postal address or e-mail address, you may be sure that we will not pass your data on to third parties but will only use them for answering your enquiry or for granting you access to special information or offers.

For the query of Flachglas Nord-Ost websites a short registration of the IP number is required. This means: When visiting our websites, our web servers are storing by default the name of your internet service provider, our visited sites as well as the date and duration of your visit.

For any further question you may have with regard to data protection and data security on Flachglas Nord-Ost websites, please feel free to contact us directly – we’ll be glad to inform you.

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