Dinosaurs love glass from Osterburg.

He is one of the world’s best-preserved predatory dinosaurs. He has been in Berlin since December 2015, basks in the awe of thousands of people – and is not afraid of being stolen.

The T. Rex in Berlin is called Tristan Otto. He sounds harmless until you look at his teeth. Transatlantic collaboration is to thank for his well-tempered state and safety at Berlin’s Natural History Museum. The tyrannosaurus was excavated in Montana, USA and scientifically salvaged in Berlin. The windows behind which he can safely bare his teeth come from Osterburg. The reason for this stems from before the arrival of Mr Otto and has to do with Germany’s largest natural history museum urgently needing state-of-the-art windows – provided by experts from Flachglas Nord-Ost, of course.

More precisely, our task included the following: renovation, remoulding and reconstruction of the historic windows. What made the job so appealing was the combination of monument preservation and innovative aspects. The protected overall appearance of the historic facade was not allowed to suffer any damage. At the same time, the new windows had to meet modern insulation requirements – and integrate an effective and equally aesthetic discreet burglary protection concept.

Our Multisafe Alarmglas glass provided the solution for this complex requirement profile. It can be combined with different glass functions such as heat insulation and solar protection, and its technology is just as “invisible” as it is false-alarm resistant.

The predatory dinosaur world at the Natural History Museum is now right as rain and perfectly safe, and if you still feel a chill when looking at the prehistoric giants, you can be sure that it has nothing to do with faulty heat insulation.

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