We are good at finding fresh air!

The main station for young people: trainee days, Girls’ Day and trial work placements. Flachglas Nord-Ost does a great deal to recruit new employees.

“Nothing comes from nothing.” That used to be a saying “apprentices” would hear from their “masters”. Some of us will remember it. Thankfully, those times have been and gone and this “wisdom” generally only applies to teachers, because it is not easy to find dedicated young talent – above all within the region, away from exciting metropolises.

Therefore, Flachglas Nord-Ost carries out campaigns several times a year to make young people aware of what it’s like to work for a glass finishing company. Girls’ Day, trial placements and trainee days provide many opportunities to get to know FNO inside and out. This year’s Girls’ Day has just taken place – several girls seized the opportunity and had a go.

With regards to trying it out: Those who are looking for an interesting apprenticeship and want to peer inquisitively over our shoulders are more than welcome to. Our trial placements have already proven to be the beginning of an apprenticeship placement here for several of our trainees. Whether you are interested in production, IT or office work and administration, FNO has many appealing trained positions available for those who are interested. Contact us! Mrs Anja Krost will happily take your call: 03937/2222-41. Or you can send an email to karriere@flachglas-nordost.de

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