Vertical is the new better.

Admittedly, it sounds a bit like being at the hairdresser’s: seaming, grinding and polishing. However, it is actually a milestone in regard to efficiency for standard glass finishing processes.

We are talking about our new grinding machine. It can namely do what constitutes a considerable chunk of our bread and butter faster and in high quality. The trick: a 90° turn in its design.

The machine does not process panes “lying down” any more, but upright. This vertical design does not just save valuable production hall space. The machine “swallows” panes up to a measurement of 2800 mm in height, in order to then accurately seam, grind and polish them. There is a clear quality advantage: no water is left on the sensitive finish; instead, it runs off directly.

In brief: Not only does the new machine increase production capacities, it also raises our production quality to a new level. And apropos level: the machine is now set from head to toe for future processing. It can easily by expanded by a drilling or milling centre. To take the hairdresser metaphor further: Dear customers, take a seat. The usual? Seaming, grinding, polishing, milling, drilling? Gladly.

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