Minimize to the best.

With the new bonding system blackline, Flachglas Nord-Ost offers you the best solution for insulation glass. Compared to conventional spacers blackline now makes spacer profiles unnecessary thanks to an innovative sealant composition, thus ensuring improved U-values and minimized formation of condensate in the edge area.


black & proof

Considering all criteria, blackline, the new bonding system without spacers, means a significant development of the complete insulation glass composite. Contrary to metal or plastic spacers, the blackline sealant defines the space between insulation glass panes serving at the same time as primary sealing. The result: maximum tightness, minimized risk of component incompatibility, less formation of condensate and lower heat loss.

> optimal gas tightness
> embedded drying agent
> improved U-value
> test certificates according to EN 1279 Part 2 + 3


black & better

Minimum thermal conductivity for maximum thermal insulation. The blackline sealant is composed of organic-based synthetic rubber. What's more, the all round homogeneous bonding system ensures a tightly closed, congruent assembly along with durable efficiency. blackline achieves excellent Psi-values, and based on standard window sizes it also improves the thermo-technical properties of the whole insulation glass.

> organic-based (synthetic rubber)
> congruent edge bonding
> no displacement in triple-glazed structures
durable efficiency


black & fine

Better, finer, black: simply blackline. In addition to maximum efficiency and durability, blackline also meets highest demands on modern home comfort - both as to look and aesthetics. The matt black sealant absorbs interfering reflections making the area of pane gaps almost invisible. Another impressive factor is the environmental balance of blackline: lower loss of heat results in lower heating costs, and consequently in savings with sustainable impact on the environment thanks to a minimized CO2 emission.

> matt black
> no metallic reflections
> almost invisible pane gaps
> better environmental balance


black & flexible

For any format. For any width. For any load. blackline allows for smooth individual shaping and is perfectly suitable for the manufacturing of large units and triple glass structures. Pane gaps do no longer depend on the width of ready-made spacer profiles but can be selected between 6 and 20 mm according to requirements. The flexible edge bonding braves climate and wind loads throughout the lifetime of the insulation glass composite.

> individual shaping
> free selection of pane gaps
> combinable with all functions of insulation glass


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