Alarm glass is the SOS of glass.

With our alarm insulation glass you are playing safe. Thanks to a special structure with an integrated conductor loop the alarm is set off over the connected warning system in case of aggression.

The alarm glass is a laminated insulation glass composed of two or more glass panes. These panes are fixed with a spacer of different widths in combination with edge sealing. In glass laminates a toughened safety glass pane faces the side of aggression. On the upper side, a conductor loop is burned in. This so called alarm loop is situated in the edge area facing the space between the panes. In case of damage, the whole surface of the pane breaks to a net of small crumbs. Thus, the conductor loop with the quiescent current flowing through is repeatedly interrupted. The alarm signal is then activated over the connected warning system.

Our alarm glass can be combined with several further functions, as for example attack resistance, thermal insulation or sound insulation. Feel free to contact us, we will be happy to advise you.

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