Anti-fog glass. 
The functionality. 

With the improved insulation of modern insulating glass the ambient temperature does no longer reach the outside pane. While the inside pane is warming up, the outside pane cools down considerably depending on the effects of the weather, and may under certain circumstances drop below the ambient temperature thus causing distracting dew coating. This is very often the case with roof windows or properly insulated vertical insulation glass elements. Low window reveals or solar control elements support this effect by shadowing the glass surface and reducing the air circulation.

The solution of this problem is fairly simple: It must be assured that the exterior glass surface is warm enough without deteriorating the thermal insulation of the glass. In addition to the insulating coatings on the positions towards the space between panes a further coating is applied to the exterior surface of the pane keeping the thermal radiation inside the pane.  

Based on this principle, the surface temperature of our anti-fog glass remains above the ambient temperature irrespective of weather interferences, thus impeding a condensation of humidity. In practical tests one hundred percent effectiveness could be proved.
The anti-fog glass is colour-neutral and also features a very low external reflection. This coating is activated by heat treatment during the tempering process, thus gaining long-term durability for a permanent de-misting effect.

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