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Our products and techniques.

Digital printing on toughened safety glass.

Using GlassJet technology the glass surface is digitally printed with brilliant ceramic inks. The resulting motif is permanently fused to the surface guaranteeing high resistance to mechanical impact. This technology is suitable for the manufacturing of one-off items or series production with dimensions of up to 2,800 x 6,000 mm.

Digital printing on laminated safety glass.

As the first company in Europe to have become a licensee of SentryGlas® Expressions™, a registered trademark of DuPont, we are able to digitally print onto PVB interlayers of laminated safety glass – flexibly and quickly. Motifs and colours can be chosen ad lib and are implemented photo-realistically with resolutions of up to 1,440 dpi.

Full-surface colour enamelling on toughened safety glass.

With the roller coating technique ceramic inks can easily be applied all over the glass. They are then enamelled onto the surface. Depending on the applied ink the result is completely opaque impeding the background to shine through.

Screen printing on toughened safety glass.

In a screen printing process the ceramic ink is applied to the surface of the glass by means of a fine-mesh screen and then fused with the glass surface. Select your design from our extensive screen-printing programme or let us know your desired motifs.

Sandblasting technique on glass.

From logo to large-scale design of glass surfaces to three-dimensional impression: The sandblasting technique has evolved into a significant medium in artistic glass design.

Fluted bevel in glass.

A V-shaped fluted bevel is applied to the glass surface. With the light refracted on its polished angled surface it creates stunning visual effects.

CNC-controlled form cutting.

In our CNC systems all our products are given the right form exactly tailored to your needs. We implement any required geometry up to pane sizes of 2,800 x 6,000 mm.

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