Colour brilliance for interiors and exteriors.

With the brilliance of painted glass colour is put into spaces. While up to now this glass has only been available as float glass, it is now also available as toughened safety glass. This is possible thanks to a special ceramic paint coating that tightly adheres to the glass during the tempering process. It is therefore suitable for applications where higher load capacity and safety are required, both in interior areas and in facades.

Painted TSG is available in the colours Deep Black, Zen Grey, Crisp White and Cool White. The colour range will be enlarged within the near future. The maximum dimensions are
225 cm x 321 cm and 255 cm x 321 cm, thickness offered is 4, 6, 8 or 10 mm.

The new safe colour brilliance is particularly sturdy and versatile. It can also be used in damp rooms (bathrooms, kitchens etc.), it is fully UV-resistant and is offering gloss, aesthetics as well as easy installation and maintenance.

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